Post-Workout, SOB?!

Everyone sobs after a workout, right?!  I’m not sure, but that is exactly what I did after today’s workout.  I’m not sure what it was all about.  Maybe that it all finally hit me that I am “doing it”.  I’m actually working towards something that will make ME better!  Could also be the tremendous amount of support over the last few days, seeing family and friends write words of support on my page, complete strangers messaging me to cheer me on, who knows.  In that moment, all I said to myself was “You are doing it.  It’s about DAMN time!  Now, dry your eyes you baby and keep pushing on.  This time, you will not fail!”.  Ya, I talk to myself.  Don’t tell me you don’t.  We all do.  That’s why we beat ourselves up or talk ourselves down.  Sometimes, we even talk ourselves up…  However you talk, you do it, you talk to yourself.  Today, tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT! (And then actually DO IT!)  You know why?  No one else can tell you that and make the same impact as you can.  I think over the last few attempts to lose weight, my brain was so clouded in “smoke” (<— not being figurative here; an the legal kind) that I wasn’t able to hear myself crying out for help.  Today, I broke through.  Today, THIS GIRL WAS ON FIRE!!!

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