My Cheat for the Week….

These truly are IMMACULATE!


Last day before my hubby returns back to work after being off since December 22nd.  I haven’t cooked one day since… so, I felt it necessary to cook him a nice breakfast.  Typically, I would have purchase a WHITE FLOUR version of cinnamon rolls, made them all and ate half of them — WITH ICING!  This time, I did things a little differently.  I took one slice of the roll, sprayed my waffle iron with non-cooking EVOO spray and layed it in there.  Two minutes later, I had a warm chocolate chip WAFFLE!  Yum!  I topped it off with some butter (literally a scrape and nothing more), lite maple syrup and added blackberries & strawberries on the top.  Also, I had to have my morning Yogurt too!  😉  When I was done making mine and his — I threw that damn can away!!  Who needs the rest??  We don’t!  And, I didn’t get to the bottom of the can where the icing was, so I had to get rid of the thing — QUICK!  I don’t feel guilty for this simple pleasure, things could have turned out so much worse.  But, like everything — consume in moderation and you will be fine.  Now, to do 50 squats….  Have a great day!

**Oh, did I mention I’ve lost 4.6 pounds this week?!  =)  Check out the update in progress.


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