Boot Camp :: Day 1


Well, I survived my first day of Boot Camp!  I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do.  Started with last night.  I ate dinner and then went to bed.  Took me FOREVER to fall asleep!  I don’t typically go to bed before 11:30pm and last night I made myself start trying at 9pm.  Then, I started having a little anxiety about attending the Boot Camp.  To top it off… we have a well at our house and we are on slab (we live in the boonies!), my husband decided that it was a fabulous idea to kiss me goodnight and then start a load of laundry and run the dishwasher all while having the living room TV on blast and yelling at the dog for getting in the trash.  I honestly thought it was a (‘scuse my language) f’ing joke for a minute!  Finally, I got up, opened the door and yelled — “I’m trying to SLEEP!  Can you shut off the f’ing washers!  The well keeps booming in my ear every 2 minutes!  Geez!”… and then I slammed it back shut again.  Ha!  Thank Goodness my hubby rolls with the punches.  😉

So, I did manage to wake up at 4:15am after all!  I got dressed and began to load myself with water and a 1/2 an apple; as instructed by my trainer via e-mail.  I packed my bag, laced my shoes, set my GPS and headed out into the dark (might I add friggin’ cold) morning.

My destination led me to a VERY dark Presbyterian Church parking lot.  It was me and ONE vehicle that pulled it.  I was a little leery.  Eventually, she turned on the light in her car and my worry subsided.  More cars began pulling up and then one whipped into the parking lot like batman and a man jumped out in his sweats.  I gathered, this was my trainer!  So, I got out of the car, grab my things and started heading towards him.  He met me half way, shook my hand and introduced himself.  “Hi, I’m Alan.  Your trainer.  I’m going to kick your butt today!”.  WHAT??!!!  The funny part, my natural response was to laugh.  I don’t know this guy, I’ve never seen him before, I’m sitting in a dark parking lot with a blonde lady and a muscular black man for all I know.  Ha!  Thankfully, he chuckled too!

Once in front of the church, I noticed we weren’t alone.  There were four women standing on the drive-way in front of the front door… in front of the only light for miles.  They had their mats rolled out, hand weights out and water bottles ready to go AND they were stretching and marching in place.  Alan touched me on the shoulder and said, “I don’t expect you to keep up with everyone today.  Do what you can”.  Wow, I was really surprised by that.  I was expecting him to PUSH me and push me HARD.  But, I was happy to hear that. We began our work-out with high knees and then followed with side lunges, ice skater, side jacks, mountain climbers, planks and a few more things that I can’t remember names for. It was a lot like the drills I use to have when I played Volleyball in Junior High.

I quickly found out that the blonde was a guest trainer who was there to teach us the interval portion of the boot camp.  She taught us 45sec moves with a timer.  I got to about 20/25secs before I puted out.  Alan was still sticking to “cool” though.  He kept coming over and making sure that I was in good form, told me to take 15 secs here and there for a water break and kept checking my pulse.  Once, he even told me to stop because he was too worried that I was over-doing it.  He also took time to ask me when the last time was that I worked out, what my current diet was and discussed an option for a detox/diet and said he would e-mail it to me later today.

Over-all, my experience at Boot Camp was very pleasant.  The trainer is amazing!  I am guessing it wasn’t just a “first time” show either.  As he was being very similar with the gals who have been there longer (for awhile from what I gather).  And did I mention that he reminds me of Dolvett on The Biggest Loser?!  Both in looks and personality.  Which, I am so happy about!  I was watching TBL last night and thinking that if I were to be on the show, I would want Dolvett.  Because I feel he does the best to MENTALLY prepare and coach each of his clients. Losing weight is a constant battle that we hold with in ourselves.  I think there’s an equation out there somewhere, but I’d have to guess and say that it’s something like —

Weight-Loss:  25% Diet + 25% Fitness + 50% Healthy Mentality = A New You

I’m applauding myself on the back today.  I took another BIG step towards getting myself healthy today.  Yay me!

What I’ve Learned From Today:

  • Go to the bathroom before arriving at Boot Camp.  There is no bathroom and working out on a full bladder SUCKS.
  • Don’t eat anything more than a 1/2 apple before camp.  That was the perfect amount and it didn’t come back up.
  • Get a new bra!  — I’ll save you from the details.
  • Not all trainers are mean.
  • Get more sleep!
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