Having a slow start today.  Boot Camp kicked my a$$ more than I thought yesterday, my cycle is in full swing (blech!), and I seem to be having hay fever or something (itchy nose, eyes and sneezing).  Right now I feel like DEATH. I just want to sit here on my couch (actually sitting on my couch now with my tablet because it hurts to sit up) and watch TV till I have school pick-up duty for my client at 2pm.  Thankfully, I have received tons of pep talks.  Therefore, I will finish my water and go for a slow & steady walk with my puppy.  It’s better than nothing and it’ll help my muscles.  So, NO EXCUSES today!!!  Be thankful you are able to workout period!  Get off your a$$ and move!  (That’s really a pep talk to me, ha!)  So, twenty more minutes and I’m out of here.  I’ll post an update on my Facebook page.

On a sidenote:  Has anyone experienced extreme, vivid or odd dreams when they started their journey?  I have been having some ODD dreams.


Looking Pathetic

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2 thoughts on “1/8/13

  1. Mom says:

    I have vivid odd dreams all the time 🙂 and glad you got off your bootie and went for a walk! It puts juices in those sore muscles and will be a plus in so many other ways too 🙂 You never look pathetic you look beautiful ❤

  2. […] TUESDAY, JAN 8:  Was feeling EXTREMELY SORE this day after Boot Camp!  Luckily, my family, friends and fans all talked me out of skipping a workout.  I ended up deciding to take a “Slow & Steady” walk with my puppy to at least try and stretch out the muscles (I did have HOT YOGA on the schedule for the day though!  LOL!  That was so not happening!).  I ended up doing TWO MILES without looking back! (1/8/13 Post) […]

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