Grocery Shopping this Weekend?

Check out this great Grocery Shopping Guide from Undressed Skeleton.  There are a few things on there that I personally would not choose to put in my cart, but to each his own.  Basically, choose wisely!  Try to stay on the outside lanes of the store.  Everything in the middle is PROCESSED.  Meaning, it’s a looonnnnggg process in getting those foods off your thighs/hips/etc.  😉

Also, it’s really wise to sit down and plan your weekly meals out before going.  Not only does it keep you accountable on what you will/will not eat… it helps to prevent wasting.  When you are paying for those FRESH fruits and veggies, the last thing you want to do is to have to toss them.

Do some research too.  Pick up some new recipes from Pinterest, Online Sites, Blogs, Facebook, Friends, Books/Magazines, etc.  Try not to get in a rut with eating the same things.  This is when you will reach for the wrong thing.  (I’m trying to do one NEW meal per week to keep things fun.)

There’s some great info in this guide to get you through the entire grocery store without making any mistakes.  You can do it!  Prepare, Research, Shop!  Have a great trip!


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