The Break Down (Week of 1/14/13)

This week started off on the right foot.  However, it began to look a little shaky by mid-week….

Monday:  Boot Camp — We did so many crunches that I thought for sure that my stomach was on fire!  Trainer completely knocked us into next week.  However, I still loved it.  (Isn’t that sick?!)

Tuesday:  My friend Lynne twisted my arm (Ha! Not really!) behind my back and had me go try a Trampoline Fitness class.  O.M.G!  First of all, I think it’s been at least 20 years since I have been on a Trampoline.  Believe me, it’s not like getting back up on the horse at all.  Ha!  I think I actually muttered the words — “I’m scared!” — at one point.  Ha!!  Oh boy!  Anyhow, this workout completely worked every portion of my body, but most of all…. I forgot I was working out.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  I’m not sure if I had actually worked out my abs by working out or by laughing that evening (they were still on fire from Monday’s workout, so you can just imagine how it felt when I did laugh!  Ha!).  If you haven’t tried Trampoline Fitness, go give it a shot!  You have nothing to lose but weight!  😉
(I’m not sure who Rhonda is, but here’s a video that is just like what I did on Tuesday night.)

Wednesday:  I decided to take Wednesday off because I had to work that evening.  Typically, I have Dance Class at 7pm on Wednesday’s.  Instead, I decided I would go today (Sunday) instead and enjoy Wednesday off.  I ended up going and having lunch with my dear friend Salina and her new bambino at Chili’s.  I was really proud of myself.  I scoped out the menu online before even setting foot into the restaurant (I highly recommend this to anyone!  Dieter, Lifestyler, or not).  I ended up getting the Margarita Chicken (w/o the tortilla strips) with a side of Black Beans and Steamed Broccoli w/o Butter (and I held the rice!).  I also enjoyed TEN (count it, 10!) tortilla chips and salsa.  That’s the part I was extremely proud of!  I’m a carb queen #1, #2 — I absolutely LOVE any type of Mexican/Spanish food.  I easily could have ate that entire basket of chips on my own, BUT I didn’t!  Go Me!!

Thursday:  Because I took Wednesday off, I decided to skip Yoga (my stress relieving/stretching yoga) and put in something a little more “powerful”.  My day was extremely busy and I needed to find a quick 45min-1hr workout I could do at home.  So, I decided to just take a brisk walk with my pupster.  My goal leaving the house was to get to 3.1 miles under an hour.  I didn’t get to the 3.1, but I did manage to make 2.43 in 48mins!  However, I probably should have taken it a bit slower.  Thursday night, it felt like a Mack Truck had hit my back.  I was in EXTREME pain!  I was also crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to miss Boot Camp the next day.  Thankfully, I have some amazing family members, friends and FB fans.  They walked me off the edge and made me realize that I needed to take the time to heal.  I sent out a note to my trainer and began the heat/ice method.

Yes, I do believe my back was literally screaming at me this week!

Friday:  Well, I ended up really taking everyone’s advice despite my stubborn tendencies and spent the day on the couch.  My trainer sent me a message telling me to basically do exactly what everyone had already told me — take the day off (maybe even two days) and ice/heat and an Epsom Salt bath were in order immediately.  I sent him a reply thanking him for his understanding and help and told him that I was already down 9.8 pounds since beginning, I just didn’t want to see a set-back.  Here’s what he sent me in reply…

I have the BEST trainer ever!

Saturday:  Thankfully, my back was feeling a HELLUVA lot better!  I got up, weighed myself (so close to my goal) and headed out for the day.  I wasn’t going to become victim to the couch any longer!  I got my hair cut (REWARD #1 to myself — COMPLETE!), came home and sat down for a few minutes and then looked at my hubby and said, “Will you give me at least $20 so I can get out of here?  If I don’t get out of this house, I’m going to eat or sleep.  Neither of which are healthy!”.  Thankfully, I have a GREAT man!  He handed me over $15 (because of course, there’s always negotiating involved.  Ha!) and I flew out the door without looking back.  Instead of wasting my money on foolish things, I purchased a Jump Rope and some Resistance Bands.  This way, when my sessions with the trainer end on Feb 7th, I can continue to do my workouts I have been taught at home.  I don’t want to slide down a slippery slope to “Fatville” again.  I want to stay on this same momentum of burning things off.  Just because I won’t be able to be with the trainer does not mean that I won’t work out.  I won’t allow myself to do that!  (I’m telling you that to tell myself that ya know!)

Sunday:  AND, here’s TODAY!!!  I slept in today.  I haven’t even had the chance to grab a cup of coffee or log-in to Facebook to enter my week’s weigh-in amounts on my challenge.  I had to immediately get to WordPress and update this blog so I could show you THIS…..



So friends, I think the theory that weight-loss is all in your head may be proving right.  I have not set foot in a work-out since Thursday morning and I still managed to lose 3.2 pounds this week and a total of 10.4 pounds since the beginning (Jan 2nd)!!!  DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!  Because, I’m thankful that I didn’t give up on me!

This evening, I will be heading out to my Dance Class at 6pm.  I am so excited!  Have a great week y’all!!!

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3 thoughts on “The Break Down (Week of 1/14/13)

  1. ambernacolle says:

    Good job! I am on a weightless journey myself! Keep up the good work. I have exactly 10 lbs on you I’m 248 my heaviest was 275. I went down to 205 two years ago and here I am again starting over.

  2. DesyreeOlveraPotts says:

    Great job!!

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