Ok, things have gone a step to far… don’t you think?!  HapiLabs has produced a Fork that helps you enjoy your food, but keeps you from eating it too fast.  By helping to monitor your eating habits, they claim to help you lose weight.

A nifty little USB is in the fork.  You can download the content onto your computer and view it on the HapiLabs dashboard to view how long it took you to eat your meal and how long it took between bites.  And Hey!…  They even have an APP for that!

I don’t know… I’m thinking this is a little bizarre for my tastes.  But hey.  Who am I to judge!?!  Go take a look and let me know your thoughts.  Would you buy one?

Now, their other product, the HapiTrack.  I would definitely consider buying that one!  That’s a good product to have.



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