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lucinda sans

The short answer is yes.

Slightly longer answer: Some surfaces can cause you to work harder, thus burning more fat. Other surfaces can increase you risk of injury which may put a hold on any exercise.

And more detailed answer: let’s look at the main different surfaces.

Sand. Who hasn’t rushed across the soft sand at the beach to the firmer, wet sand? Soft sand makes you work harder and makes you use more muscles. Soft sand also cushions your joints. (And I like to think of the free foot scrub and exfoliation you get when walking bare foot on wet sand!) Unfortunately, there is no sand where I live. This surface is limited to holidays for me.

Grass. As grass is softer than asphalt and concrete, you will burn more calories. And it is softer on your feet and joints than concrete or asphalt. However, there may be a…

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