March Fitness Challenge

I’m so doing this! Check out Curvy, Confident & Fits Facebook page to see her results from the last 28-Day challenge. Let’s do this! (I’ll post my before photo on Sunday. Or rather, an update photo.)


Here’s a video to show you each workout move:


3 thoughts on “March Fitness Challenge

  1. Hey Marcia,

    Good luck on your next 30 days. I’m just curious…does it include cardio?


    • Hey Caroline!

      This challenge doesn’t have cardio listed. However, this is my current schedule…

      Monday: Gym – Couch 2 5K program.
      Tuesday: Walk/Run at least 1.5miles
      Wednesday: Dance Class – 60 mins hip hop
      Thursday: Yoga or Rest Day
      Friday: Walk/Run at least 1.5 miles
      Saturday: Rest Day
      Sunday: At-Home 5K Run/Walk or Gym 5K

      I agree that cardio 2-3x per week is extremely important. So is lifting weight too! 🙂

      • Absolutely. Both are super important. I actually prefer lifting, but I am finally coming around and enjoying cardio. I feel that if you are doing exercises and activities you enjoy…you will WANT to exercise. Crazy!

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