It’s My Friday!


It’s absolutely beautiful outside today! Ok, maybe it’s windy and only 55 degrees out. I betcha my Northern folks wouldn’t complain, right?! 😉

No, this isn’t my backyard. (I wish!) Isn’t it a spectacular view?! It’s where I work. Today I am spending “My Friday” with the “little lady”. She’s currently enjoying her morning nap. (She’s 11mo, she’s allowed a morning nap.)

Oh! You wanna know how my “diet” is going?! Ok Ok! Well, my body is being a BIG “B”! Not to be too TMI, but let’s just say I am retaining water like a water buffalo! I’m still sitting at the same weight I was two weeks ago!

Yesterday, I walked my at-home 5K (3.1 miles). Of course, the rest of my day got a little mucked up. I was planning to have a healthy dinner with the hubby. However, my 4-hr shift got switched to a 6.5 hr shift an hour into it! Err! I hadn’t planned and didn’t have anything “healthy” to eat. So, I devoured a PB&J and chips & salsa. I’m pretty sure I chose those out of being frustrated. Emotional eating at it’s best! Ugh!

Today, I’m working till 3ish. Going to head home, tackle my laundry avalanche on my coffee table, do some 30-day shred with Jillian Michaels, shower and then meet up with some friends. (Hey Ann!! <~~~ She's my Kansas girl! Looking forward to seeing her!)

Tomorrow, I'm hitting the gym for "at least" an hour. Maybe mid-day. My in-laws come tomorrow. I love them, but I'm going to need this workout for more than just stress reduction! You'll see in a moment…

Here's our weekend plans…

Thursday: 1/2p: Me @ Gym — then nap! 😉
4ish: In-Laws arrive
Dinner: Out

Friday: 8am – Me @ Yoga! Hellz ya!
Spring Training BB game
FL Strawberry Fest
B-Fast, Lunch, Dinner: Out

Saturday: Epcot All Day
B-Fast, Lunch, Dinner: Out
Late Lunch @ Le Cellier in Canada (Yum!)

Sunday: Late Lunch – In-Laws depart

As you can see. I am going to have a tough weekend. There's going to be lots of temptation shoved in my face all weekend! I'm hoping to get a workout in here & there and hope for the best. Thankfully, I have an amazing hubby who will be holding my hand and tugging it at times to keep me in check. I just hope he doesn't let go! (I'm a bit scared of myself right now. I told you! I'm "retaining water"!)

I'll try to post pics and keep you updated on my daily happenings this weekend. In the meantime, have a great week/weekend!

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