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A Work in Progress

Yes, I’m still on my road to losing this pesky fat!  I’ve been extremely busy since about mid-February.  I went back to work after being off for nearly two years.  (I took a “mental break” after my last miscarriage)  I was on a roll losing my weight with being down nearly 15 pounds from Jan 2nd to Feb 13th.  I figured it was time to move on.  Boy was I wrong!  This damn scale of mine was resisting to budge for nearly three months.  It hit me this week that I just haven’t been making the time for ME as much as I should have.  However, I have jumped back on the bandwagon and I am hoping to get below the 220’s next week (I started at 248 in January)!  I created a six month goal for myself to be down 50 pounds by my 35th Birthday.  That’s drawing near — June 14th — Eeeek!!  Since I took my first photo of myself on January 19th, I figured I’d be a little lenient and go to June 19th to reach my goal.  Of course, I won’t be saddened if I reach it before then.  🙂

On May 7th, I will be giving up my reigns once again as Nanny.  I’m going to be concentrating on myself this summer and preparing my body to go through another round of infertility treatments.  (I haven’t shared it with most of my family and friends — so I apologize if you are reading this and are just now finding out)  I am going to tell you all this… I’m scared as hell nervous and anxious to begin the process.  Most of all, in my current state — I’m not ready!  My goal was to be below 200 pounds before even going to see the specialist.  Our appointment is May 20th.  I just told my husband (literally like 20 minutes ago) that I am rescheduling that appointment… once again!  This time, not because I am too frightened to begin treatment, but because I have a bigger goal in mind.  I want to be below that 200 lb mark!  I want to be a healthy pregnant momma!!  There’s nothing I have ever wanted more!  (Small Note:  I will NOT be posting on this blog, Twitter, or Facebook when/if I do treatments.  You will find out I’m pregnant when I feel I’m ready.  Not trying to be rude, but just protecting myself, my husband and so many other couples who go through the struggle of infertility every day of every year.  I will not be that person who keeps throwing it up in conversation just for conversation.  I have been there and I won’t be doing it!  So, you are still safe to hang around.  Long after the “fun” begins!  🙂 )

I have my Best Friends wedding on May 18th and when I return I will be kicking it in high gear till at least my birthday.  Then, I will see where I am.  (Hopefully below the 200 line!)  At that point, I will contact my specialist (Reproductive Endocrinologist) and go from there.  And hey, who knows!  Maybe I’ll just have a miracle pregnancy!  Psh!  Ha!  Ya, I’ve been saying that for 7 years folks.  (Read MY STORY to find out more)

Tomorrow morning I am joining my new friend and journey buddy (Geri) for Boot Camp.  Yes, I’m going back!  Well, this one is with a different trainer, but I need to have my ass pushed a little harder.  I have NO CHOICE!  Staying fat is not an option for me!  I’m also continuing with my weight-loss challenge group and have recently started a local “Women’s Fat Club”.  I am expecting a call on Tuesday afternoon from a Therapist who specializes in Food Addiction and Binge Eating.  We are hoping to have her come and speak with us ladies.  We also have a cooking class (at our local Diabetes Center), a field trip to see Ruby Gettinger and a Splash ‘N Dash Fun Run scheduled over the summer.  Strength in numbers folks!  I encourage you to grab a few friends and get yourselves moving this summer too!  Get out and enjoy your life!

Ok, now for the good stuff (blech!).  Here’s my progress photo’s….

Apr2813 update

Not a whole lotta change yet (slightly here and slight there yes), but there will be soon!  You just wait and see!

**Do you have a progress photo, journey story, etc that you would like to share with my readers?  Let me know (by commenting below or contacting me via PM on Facebook) and I’ll post it on my blog for you!  I love to share others stories!  Be an inspiration to others and you will keep inspiring yourself.

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Happy Easter & a Update

In case you missed my posts on Facebook this morning….

Easter 2013



March 31 2013 - Updated Side-by-Side

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Checking In :: Or, Maybe I’m just venting….?

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  So, I thought I should get on here and do so.  Let’s see… where to begin?!  (Warning:  This is going to be all over the place…)

I’m still teetering around the 228 lb mark.  I’ve lost 20.8 pounds since January 2nd.  Not too bad, but I would REALLY like to get myself into ONEDERLAND sooner than later.  For some reason, the taste of onederland is causing me some extreme weight-loss anxiety.  I’m having battles from “What to Eat?”, “What workout to do?”, “I don’t feel like logging”, “Why won’t my friends come work out with me”…etc etc.  I know it’s nothing more than just in my head, but it’s really starting to piss me off!  I know some of you are like “Quit Complaining” & “You’ve lost, what more could you want”!?!  Blech!  That’s all, just Blech!

I really need to find some new workout sessions/classes.  I think maybe I have hit boredom?  I also need to either find a personal trainer or a group of friends who will work out with me.  Perhaps loneliness?  The main problem, I live about 45-minutes to an hour away from everyone.  😦  Not good!  But, something needs to change.  Maybe I’m just scared that I will “Give Up”?!  I think that’s the ultimate right now.  I know I won’t entirely, but unless something snaps…. I’m heading for a full blown sabotage.  Yikes!

Oh, did I mention that I have started working again?!  I have.  I love it!  The job is flexible and the family is ultra sweet.  However, I’m noticing that since starting I have slowly become “lax” with my journey.  I need to maybe find some better time management skills in the process too…

I don’t know what’s ultimately going on… but, I think I’m overwhelmed.  Therefore, I’m starting over.  I’m going back to week one.  NO CARBS, NO SUGAR.  EAT VEGGIES & FRUIT often and LEAN MEATS.  Also, NO DAIRY or EGGS.  I’m planning to do this for at least two weeks.  I’ll report back afterwards and let you know if this is just the kick in the ass that I’ve been needing.

Here’s what I have on the plan for the week too….

Monday:  Workout @ Planet Fitness (Hoping to meetup with Friends), OFF today

Tuesday: AM Walk @ Home & Weights,  Work 4-11/12

Wednesday:  Work 12-6, Dance Class 7pm

Thursday:  Work 9:30-3:30, Evening Walk @ Home & Weights

Friday:  8am Yoga, 10am Gym,  OFF today

Saturday:  OFF  — Gym/Walk @ Home

Sunday:  OFF — REST DAY


Breakfast Daily:  Green Monster Smoothie
Snacks: Fruit, Veggies, Nuts
Lunch & Dinner: Lean Meats (Tuna, Turkey Breast, Chicken Breast…) & Veggies

If you missed it.  Here’s my Bridesmaid Dress that I picked out yesterday.  This is a little reminder that my hard work is actually working.  Somewhat.  Maybe.  😉


So, What do you think?!

On a positive note, I have added some small items of encouragement.  I am signed up for a 4% Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Challenge.  I have 22 Days to lose another 6 pounds.  I know I can do it!  I also signed up to walk the Susan G. Komen 5K with my Mom on Mother’s Day in Chicago.  I’m really excited about this one.  A 5K through my favorite city?  Yes please! It should prove to be a good & healthy time.

Alright, I must go prep for the week.  In the meantime, check out this cool website I found today.  It’s absolutely FREE to sign up on it and they have TONS of FREE Fitness Videos.  You can even do a search based on what type of workout you want.  Say you wanna tone your arms (like me!)…. you just search “Toning” “Tri-Ceps/Bi-Ceps”.  It’s as easy as that!

Wishing you all a fabulous week!  Enjoy!

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It’s My Friday!


It’s absolutely beautiful outside today! Ok, maybe it’s windy and only 55 degrees out. I betcha my Northern folks wouldn’t complain, right?! 😉

No, this isn’t my backyard. (I wish!) Isn’t it a spectacular view?! It’s where I work. Today I am spending “My Friday” with the “little lady”. She’s currently enjoying her morning nap. (She’s 11mo, she’s allowed a morning nap.)

Oh! You wanna know how my “diet” is going?! Ok Ok! Well, my body is being a BIG “B”! Not to be too TMI, but let’s just say I am retaining water like a water buffalo! I’m still sitting at the same weight I was two weeks ago!

Yesterday, I walked my at-home 5K (3.1 miles). Of course, the rest of my day got a little mucked up. I was planning to have a healthy dinner with the hubby. However, my 4-hr shift got switched to a 6.5 hr shift an hour into it! Err! I hadn’t planned and didn’t have anything “healthy” to eat. So, I devoured a PB&J and chips & salsa. I’m pretty sure I chose those out of being frustrated. Emotional eating at it’s best! Ugh!

Today, I’m working till 3ish. Going to head home, tackle my laundry avalanche on my coffee table, do some 30-day shred with Jillian Michaels, shower and then meet up with some friends. (Hey Ann!! <~~~ She's my Kansas girl! Looking forward to seeing her!)

Tomorrow, I'm hitting the gym for "at least" an hour. Maybe mid-day. My in-laws come tomorrow. I love them, but I'm going to need this workout for more than just stress reduction! You'll see in a moment…

Here's our weekend plans…

Thursday: 1/2p: Me @ Gym — then nap! 😉
4ish: In-Laws arrive
Dinner: Out

Friday: 8am – Me @ Yoga! Hellz ya!
Spring Training BB game
FL Strawberry Fest
B-Fast, Lunch, Dinner: Out

Saturday: Epcot All Day
B-Fast, Lunch, Dinner: Out
Late Lunch @ Le Cellier in Canada (Yum!)

Sunday: Late Lunch – In-Laws depart

As you can see. I am going to have a tough weekend. There's going to be lots of temptation shoved in my face all weekend! I'm hoping to get a workout in here & there and hope for the best. Thankfully, I have an amazing hubby who will be holding my hand and tugging it at times to keep me in check. I just hope he doesn't let go! (I'm a bit scared of myself right now. I told you! I'm "retaining water"!)

I'll try to post pics and keep you updated on my daily happenings this weekend. In the meantime, have a great week/weekend!

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Let down… BY THE SCALE!

HELP Scale

Well, I’ve gone up a pound this week!  UGH!!  Feeling a little at my wits end; as I have worked out and ate right all week.  Not only is the scaled F’ing with me.  So are my eyes.  To me, it appears that I look larger this month than last month’s photos.  I guess I’m just frustrated.  Losing the first 13.8 pounds came off so nicely.  These next 130 (and counting) pounds are going to take some MEGA work!

Going to enjoy today and reassess my “plan” tomorrow.  May need to switch some things up a bit.

Anyone else feeling let down by the scale this week?

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13.8 GONE! — 85 More To Go!

As promised, I’m posting my before and after for month one below.  I’m not completely confident in my own skin yet and this is taking a huge amount of strength to post this to the world!  I can definitely see a difference, but it scares me.  Will I be happy with my “look” once I finally meet my goal weight?  I surely hope so!  So please, be kind to the “skinny girl in the making” below.  She’s on the right path and hopes this picture helps others in her shoes.  ((HUGS)) to all you trying to melt along with me!  We are well on our way!  Month ONE — DOWN!

Since January 2nd, I have lost 13.8 pounds.  It wasn’t easy, but I definitely have learned a LOT and gained a whole NEW lifestyle in just a short month’s time.  I’m so proud of myself for the strides I have made in “Making Marcia Melt”.

To prepare for February, I’ve already prepared my workout plan and have started on my meal plan.  I’ll post it in another posting later today.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy my new bod!  Ha!!  =)  Can’t wait to see what this is going to look like in May when I reach my 1/2 way goal!!  Oh ya!!

Month 1 Loss_Feb 2 13

FYI, No Breakdown posting this week.  Instead, I’m going to go enjoy the Super Bowl with my hubby and pupster!  =)  I’ll post my calendar and my Healthy Super Bowl Spread later today though via Twitter & Facebook.

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?  I’m in it for the commercials?  Let me know which was your favorite!

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As you learned in my Call 9-1-1….I have a FOOD COMA! post, this past week was not my best to date.  I had a couple of “cheat” moments that definitely lead me down a path of self-resentment for a few days.  Thankfully, I am back on track today!  Somewhat…. I’ll explain later.  For now, how about a little re-cap of last week?

Monday:  Boot Camp almost killed me this past week.  She made us RUN!  Did you hear me?  SHE MADE US RUN!!!  Ok, maybe she just made us run down the one side of the church to the dumpster and back — TWICE!  But still.  My body was screaming pretty loudly at 5:30am.  Sadly enough, I was also the slowest.  😦  I’m ok with that though.  I’m the big girl on campus…. for now!

Tuesday:  I took the day off.  Sat around in my PJ’s ALL DAY and played on my Kindle and watched TV.  It was great!  It was my first true “Pajama Day” since starting the new lifestyle.  Figured I owed it to myself (if only I had known what the rest of the week would have looked like).

Wednesday:  The day started off good with me waking up, loading up on apples and water and heading out for a Aerobic Dance class with our 62yo House Guest.  Boy, I was literally the YOUNGEST person in the gym filled with at least 50 over 50yo’s.  But hey, for $1, I’ll be going more often!  Well, after class is when the day went steadily downhill.  My driver (let’s call her “Canada” to protect her identity), she got a little turned around and we ended up in the wrong direction to her storage unit (we had a lot of errands this day).  So, our original plan to stop at a small soup and salad joint was busted.  We ended up walking into a Thai Restaurant instead.  Then, that night…. I had dinner with friends at the Ale House.  Again, see my Call 9-1-1….I have a FOOD COMA! post for more details.  I’ll just sum it up with this photo….

Alexander No Good Day

Thursday:  Besides beating myself up.  Thursday was another lay low day and I ate pretty decent.  Looking back, I wished I would have gotten off my A** this day and worked out.  But, you live and you learn.

Friday:  Uh yes!  Finally, I talked myself out of my depressive state.  Ha!  I headed to the gym (as I really wanted to sleep in and not get kicked back down at Boot Camp) and ran Day 1 of Week 1 of the Couch 2 5K program.  I also did my arms on the weight machines.  To reward myself, I went out to our local farm and purchased some veggies and had a nice quiet lunch with me, myself and I.  It was WONDERFUL!  =)  This really helped to lift my spirits.

Saturday & Sunday:  I didn’t do much in the terms of “working out” this weekend.  However, I did manage to finally clean off my desk in our extra room.  That desk has been piled with the past for the last 6 months.  I finally went through it all and trashed most of it.  I am now sitting here at a nice clean desk and able to have MY own space back in the house.  I’m in LOVE!  On Sunday, hubby and I went to our local farmers market.  Didn’t get anything; as I got so much on Friday.  However, it was nice to scope out the prices and see what they have available for next time.  I’ll definitely be back.  Afterwards, we headed to the grocery store and then to pick Strawberries!  YUM!  I have enough strawberries to get me through the week with my smoothies and just general snacking.  I should have got more, but there’s always NEXT weekend!  🙂

TODAY:  Ok, I have another confession.  On Saturday night, I decided to enjoy a small slice of a loaf cake that “Canada” had purchased at Fresh Market.  It had been staring me in the face all week.  Let’s just say, my body is NOT happy with it!  I’ve needed to be near a bathroom for the last 24 hours. (Sorry, TMI, I know.  Deal with it!  I’m only HUMAN!) I guess there is the slight possibility it could be a stomach virus, but I don’t think so.  I’m starting to figure myself out.  So, I had to skip Boot Camp again.  It was the last day of my pass today too.  😦  It’s ok.  I made a pact with myself.  Get down another 20 lbs and we can sign up for another round.  I think I’ll need it once I hit a plateau anyhow.  (Yes, I do talk to myself.  Don’t judge!)  In the meantime, I am going to train for my first 5K.  My husband and I are going to WALK one on February 9th.  The first big RUN 5K will be April 7th.  I’ve got PLENTY of time.  If I can tackle the 5K, I may even upgrade to the 10K at the race.  🙂  So, my plan today was Boot Camp.  That got blotched, then I decided to do the gym C25K program, that got blotched… so I just stayed around the house and walked 1.51 miles with the puppy instead.  I went strong for the first mile.  The last half, I had to slow it down a bit as my stomach was starting to shine its awful face at me.

The upside to having a stomach issue — Down 1.8 pounds on the scale in 24hrs!  HOLY F###!!  Why couldn’t I have weighed in at that yesterday??  Errr.  Oh well, this weeks weigh-in should be pretty decent.  Watch out girls!  😉  Currently, I am down a total of 12.8 pounds since January 2nd!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  Enter Happy Dance….

Happy Dance

I’m going to leave you with a little quote I got while at Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle Business Conference last year.  It’s one of my favorites and it will be my theme this week.  Feel free to take it for yourself too!  Have a fabulous one!

Do Not Let Your Fire Go Out,
Spark By Irreplaceable Spark…
The World You Desire Can Be Won.
It Exists…. It Is Real… It Is Possible…. It Is YOURS.
~ Ayn Rand

The Break Down (Week of 1/21/13)

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The Break Down (Week of 1/14/13)

This week started off on the right foot.  However, it began to look a little shaky by mid-week….

Monday:  Boot Camp — We did so many crunches that I thought for sure that my stomach was on fire!  Trainer completely knocked us into next week.  However, I still loved it.  (Isn’t that sick?!)

Tuesday:  My friend Lynne twisted my arm (Ha! Not really!) behind my back and had me go try a Trampoline Fitness class.  O.M.G!  First of all, I think it’s been at least 20 years since I have been on a Trampoline.  Believe me, it’s not like getting back up on the horse at all.  Ha!  I think I actually muttered the words — “I’m scared!” — at one point.  Ha!!  Oh boy!  Anyhow, this workout completely worked every portion of my body, but most of all…. I forgot I was working out.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  I’m not sure if I had actually worked out my abs by working out or by laughing that evening (they were still on fire from Monday’s workout, so you can just imagine how it felt when I did laugh!  Ha!).  If you haven’t tried Trampoline Fitness, go give it a shot!  You have nothing to lose but weight!  😉
(I’m not sure who Rhonda is, but here’s a video that is just like what I did on Tuesday night.)

Wednesday:  I decided to take Wednesday off because I had to work that evening.  Typically, I have Dance Class at 7pm on Wednesday’s.  Instead, I decided I would go today (Sunday) instead and enjoy Wednesday off.  I ended up going and having lunch with my dear friend Salina and her new bambino at Chili’s.  I was really proud of myself.  I scoped out the menu online before even setting foot into the restaurant (I highly recommend this to anyone!  Dieter, Lifestyler, or not).  I ended up getting the Margarita Chicken (w/o the tortilla strips) with a side of Black Beans and Steamed Broccoli w/o Butter (and I held the rice!).  I also enjoyed TEN (count it, 10!) tortilla chips and salsa.  That’s the part I was extremely proud of!  I’m a carb queen #1, #2 — I absolutely LOVE any type of Mexican/Spanish food.  I easily could have ate that entire basket of chips on my own, BUT I didn’t!  Go Me!!

Thursday:  Because I took Wednesday off, I decided to skip Yoga (my stress relieving/stretching yoga) and put in something a little more “powerful”.  My day was extremely busy and I needed to find a quick 45min-1hr workout I could do at home.  So, I decided to just take a brisk walk with my pupster.  My goal leaving the house was to get to 3.1 miles under an hour.  I didn’t get to the 3.1, but I did manage to make 2.43 in 48mins!  However, I probably should have taken it a bit slower.  Thursday night, it felt like a Mack Truck had hit my back.  I was in EXTREME pain!  I was also crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to miss Boot Camp the next day.  Thankfully, I have some amazing family members, friends and FB fans.  They walked me off the edge and made me realize that I needed to take the time to heal.  I sent out a note to my trainer and began the heat/ice method.

Yes, I do believe my back was literally screaming at me this week!

Friday:  Well, I ended up really taking everyone’s advice despite my stubborn tendencies and spent the day on the couch.  My trainer sent me a message telling me to basically do exactly what everyone had already told me — take the day off (maybe even two days) and ice/heat and an Epsom Salt bath were in order immediately.  I sent him a reply thanking him for his understanding and help and told him that I was already down 9.8 pounds since beginning, I just didn’t want to see a set-back.  Here’s what he sent me in reply…

I have the BEST trainer ever!

Saturday:  Thankfully, my back was feeling a HELLUVA lot better!  I got up, weighed myself (so close to my goal) and headed out for the day.  I wasn’t going to become victim to the couch any longer!  I got my hair cut (REWARD #1 to myself — COMPLETE!), came home and sat down for a few minutes and then looked at my hubby and said, “Will you give me at least $20 so I can get out of here?  If I don’t get out of this house, I’m going to eat or sleep.  Neither of which are healthy!”.  Thankfully, I have a GREAT man!  He handed me over $15 (because of course, there’s always negotiating involved.  Ha!) and I flew out the door without looking back.  Instead of wasting my money on foolish things, I purchased a Jump Rope and some Resistance Bands.  This way, when my sessions with the trainer end on Feb 7th, I can continue to do my workouts I have been taught at home.  I don’t want to slide down a slippery slope to “Fatville” again.  I want to stay on this same momentum of burning things off.  Just because I won’t be able to be with the trainer does not mean that I won’t work out.  I won’t allow myself to do that!  (I’m telling you that to tell myself that ya know!)

Sunday:  AND, here’s TODAY!!!  I slept in today.  I haven’t even had the chance to grab a cup of coffee or log-in to Facebook to enter my week’s weigh-in amounts on my challenge.  I had to immediately get to WordPress and update this blog so I could show you THIS…..



So friends, I think the theory that weight-loss is all in your head may be proving right.  I have not set foot in a work-out since Thursday morning and I still managed to lose 3.2 pounds this week and a total of 10.4 pounds since the beginning (Jan 2nd)!!!  DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!  Because, I’m thankful that I didn’t give up on me!

This evening, I will be heading out to my Dance Class at 6pm.  I am so excited!  Have a great week y’all!!!

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The Break Down (Week of 1/7/13)

Hello Ladies & Gents!  I hope you had the most spectacular week possible!

I know it’s only been, what, 10 days since I started my transformation to “Making Marcia Melt”, but I already can’t help but look at my BEFORE PHOTO and think — WHO THE HECK IS THAT?!  I’m so not the person who is standing in that photo.  I’m already feeling my body transforming (slightly, but I can feel it), my face isn’t as broke out as normal, I’m moving at a faster pace, I can bend over and touch my toes without straining, and I have an AMAZING mental attitude.

For the first time, I’m doing something for ME!  I love it!  I love myself!  Wait, let me say that again — I LOVE MYSELF!!!  Damn that feels good!

This week I realized that it might be harder and harder to continually update my blog.  So, I wanted to let you know that I will be posting here and there throughout the week, but will do a complete update every Sunday evening.  With working out, cooking and whatnot … I’m running out of time on the computer.  Which, is absolutely a GOOD thang!

So, here’s what has happened this week…..

MONDAY, JAN 7:  My first day of boot camp.  Read my BOOT CAMP DAY 1 post for a complete break down of how it went.  Plus, it was my hubby’s first day back to work after being home with me for over 16 days.  To say the least, I was nervous as hell to be doing this all on my own, but I was also extremely sad to not have him with me day-to-day.  It was hard to kiss him good-bye on Monday morning.  Even our dog Lucy was depressed all day!

TUESDAY, JAN 8:  Was feeling EXTREMELY SORE this day after Boot Camp!  Luckily, my family, friends and fans all talked me out of skipping a workout.  I ended up deciding to take a “Slow & Steady” walk with my puppy to at least try and stretch out the muscles (I did have HOT YOGA on the schedule for the day though!  LOL!  That was so not happening!).  I ended up doing TWO MILES without looking back! (1/8/13 Post)

WEDNESDAY, JAN 9:  Attended DANCE TRANCE.  I started dancing when I was 2yo, I stopped when I left for College.  DT has been one of the things that has honestly helped me get excited about losing weight.  The entire 60-minutes that I am in the class, I don’t feel like I am working out.  The set-up is made to feel like you are at “The Club” on a Friday night.  All songs choreographed are Hip-Hop or at least on the Top Hits list.  This week’s choice was Bruno Mars, “Locked out of Heaven”.  ❤ that song!  And the dance is so fun!  Check out DANCE TRANCE online and see if there is a location near you.

THURSDAY, JAN 10:  Ahhh… attended STRESS RELIEVERS YOGA.  I can’t even describe the feelings I had when I walked out of that class on Thursday morning.  I think I actually had a “Perma Grin”!  I told my husband this weekend that I have decided to reduce my cell phone bill (which, I barely use anymore anyhow because I don’t own/manage any businesses right now) and use the money (once my membership ends) to pay for Yoga (and my dance class).  As I was explaining to him why this was my choice, I was getting choked up.  Not because I was upset to get rid of my cell phone, but because Yoga has literally become my “solid ground”.  It honestly centers me and makes me HAPPY.  I honestly went to workout every single day this week thinking “You just have to get through this workout so you can attend Yoga on Thursday.  You have — more days.  You can do it!”.  And therefore, if something is that powerful in getting me to stick to my goals, I cannot afford to give it up in any manner!  Thankfully, my amazing hubster agreed.  🙂  (Love that guy!)  So, my friends… find a class that makes YOU happy.  If you and your partner like to dance, try a couples dance lesson.  If you like Yoga, sign up for Yoga.  Wanna try something new?  Go take a striptease or pole dancing class!  (This is next on my list… just need to drop another 10-20 pounds.)  Whatever it is, you need to keep your workout schedule exciting and sustainable!  Prevent the burn out and stay excited!

FRIDAY, JAN 11:  Boot Camp Day 2.  I’m not sure if it was the Yoga the day before, drinking tons of water on Thursday and the morning of, eating healthier and working out all week or what.  BUT, I actually enjoyed Day 2 of the Boot Camp and managed to complete at least 90% of the workout moves.  Now, don’t think — oh, you liked it?  Well you didn’t nearly work hard enough!  — Ha!  Kiss my ass!  If you would have seen me after that 1-hour session, you would have thrown up.  😉  I came out of there feeling like a damn rock star!!  And, that consequently lead me to post my song of the week on Facebook — Kelly Clarkson, “Catch my Breath”.  The words to this song absolutely reach out to me and just make me feel AH-MAZING!  It completely puts my feelings into a song….

“Catch my Breath, Letting it Go, Turning my cheek for the sake of the show.  Now that you know, THIS IS MY LIFE, I won’t be told what’s suppose to be right!  Catch my breath, no one can hold me back, I ain’t got time for that!  Catch my breath, won’t let them get me down, it’s all so simple now!”  — Kelly Clarkson, “Catch my Breath”

Friday night came and I was on FIRE!  Hubby was home, I was excited, I couldn’t believe I had made it through my Boot Camp class and I just felt I had to congratulate myself, but I didn’t want to do it with food.  So, hubby and I sat down at the kitchen table and hacked out a list of “My Personal Rewards”.  In addition, we organized the next weeks meals and grocery list.  What surprised me next, he made a promise to me that he was also going to get healthier.  My heart blew up!  It was reward enough to know that I had encouraged him to make a change.  I’d like to think my “Come to Jesus” talk I had with him a few days before helped.  Basically, I told him that I was doing this to keep me ALIVE longer.  I also told him how I needed his support and I needed for him to TRY and make a change (not for me, but for himself).

SATURDAY, JAN 12:  Finally, a BREAK!  After working out for five days in a row, I felt it was time to give myself a “little” slack.  I took the day off from working out and opted to visit the local farmers market with my hubby.  I was extremely disappointed to not see a single veggie on the park grounds in Apopka, FL!  They advertised all week about it being this BIG Farmers Market and there being a local grower (who I love) there.  Hopefully, it will eventually grow because it’s very close to home and I would hate to see others feel the same as I did.  So, we ended up heading to do some errands and then back home.  I headed out to the grocery store, made a detour and ended up at Old Navy with my $25 gift card from Christmas from my parents.  I ended up buying myself a new work-out outfit.  It’s a size SMALLER than I normally get!!  I can’t wait to put it on tomorrow.  It’s so cute!  I also ended up finding a Size 16 pair of jeans for $15.  They fit me perfectly, but they won’t fasten.  I decided to purchase them anyways.  When I got to the grocery store, I purchased a hook with the sticky backing stuff.  I’m going to hang them on my bedroom door as a constant daily reminder.  I will be in those pants sooner than later!  Guarantee you!  I was very proud of myself with the choices I made at the grocery store.  Everything I purchased was HEALTHY.  Take a look…..

Mostly Organic, Grass-Fed and HEALTHY!

Mostly Organic, Grass-Fed and HEALTHY!

I also managed to make it through a double date night without totally messing up the diet!  (Or so I think I did fairly well)  We went to a local brewery with a friend of mine and her boyfriend.  My husband and I ended up splitting a “sampler” that had 6 – maybe 4 oz glasses of beer in them.  I maybe had 2 oz out of all of them.  (I’m not a big beer drinker)  For food, I got the GRILLED Chicken Cordon Bleu sliders.  I omitted the Mayo and the Honey Mustard and opted for steamed veggies (no butter) instead of French Fries/Chips.  I ate one slider with the bun and then gave the 2nd one to my husband.  🙂  After the date was done, Hubby and I were on a roll.  We didn’t feel like going home just yet.  So, we stopped into a local pub that is by our home.  We’ve always thought about going in, but never did because it just looks “scary” from the outside.  Ha!  We actually ended up having a GREAT time!  There was maybe 20 other people in the whole place.  All locals.  The bartenders were two ladies who were a hoot and the band was AWESOME!  Without thinking first, I put in a order for a Malibu and Pineapple and sucked it down…. then, ordered another.  I finally wised up, jumped on MyFitnessPal app and logged what I had and made sure I didn’t screw up too awfully!  LOL.  I’m officially insane!  I honestly logged my diary in a BAR!  LOL!  Luckily, I was fine.  I drank water the rest of the evening and then went home and made myself some celery with almond butter and a dark hot cocoa.  😉

SUNDAY, JAN 13:  I didn’t sleep well last night.  Went to bed at 2am, because I was probably rocking on sugar!  LOL!  And was woken at 6:30am with a major allergy attack.  Nose running, itching and my entire face just felt like it was on fire!  SUCKED!  In addition, I had to be at a job interview at 10am (bad planning on my part completely!).  Well, the interview rocked and I am so excited to work with this new client.  She’s a sweetheart!  I am really leaning towards working/volunteering more with the Special Needs community.  I actually posted on FB that I am thinking about becoming a peer athlete with the Special Olympics.  I think it would be so fun, but it would also help to keep my in shape.  Plus, it would encourage me to keep working out because I would want to be a great role model for the kids I was working for.

My plan was to nap and just have a over-all lazy day today.  BUT, I ended up taking a 1.73 mile walk with my hubby and Lucy (dog) instead!  SCORE!  I do have to say though, I was beginning to feel like crap for taking the weekend off.  I don’t know if I can do two days in a row off.  Plus, I wanted to do something so I am not TIGHT tomorrow at Boot Camp.

So… this is how it all turned out….

WEIGHT LOST THIS WEEK: 2.6 lbs (my personal goal was 2.7 lbs per week.  pretty darn close!)
TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 7.6 lbs since Jan 3rd.

Well folks, I must put myself to bed.  I have to be up at 4:15am for boot camp at 5:30am!  Cheer-e-o!  Have a great week!

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