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How to incorporate fitness into your mommy/Nanny schedule.

This one is really for all of my fellow Nannies; as Nanny Stella (from Nanny 911) shares some challenges and some great ways to get fitness in each & every day. It can be done!

Sometimes, I feel like other bloggers have ESP. Seriously! Just what I needed! Thank you!

Keep Weight Off For Life


When something like a number on a scale can take you from confident & hopeful to self-loathing & hopelessness, it’s time to break up with your scale.

Believe me, I understand! We are all so conditioned to want to see that number go down, but your body weight is only one measure of your progress.

What are some others?

Consider these:

  • Are you sleeping better?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Are you less moody or depressed?
  • Have your cravings dissipated?
  • Do you recover faster from exercise?
  • Have your symptoms or medical condition greatly improved?

Just because the number on the scale hasn’t moved enough for your liking does not mean your program is a failure.
It means there may be other things going on, like changes in body composition, that aren’t necessarily being reflected by the weight of our body.

So, be patient and feel good that you are doing…

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March Fitness Challenge

I’m so doing this! Check out Curvy, Confident & Fits Facebook page to see her results from the last 28-Day challenge. Let’s do this! (I’ll post my before photo on Sunday. Or rather, an update photo.)


Here’s a video to show you each workout move:

Keep this in Mind